Boko Haram: Multiple bomb blasts kill 3, injure 20

Series of bomb blast have occurred in 3 locations around Muna Garage area of Maiduguri metropolis, it occurred at about 4 am, Wednesday.

A statement signed by Sani Datti, Head Media and Public Relations, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) says; ‘the first location is Muna Kumbori an unofficial host community camp housing 199 internally displaced persons and attacked by three suicide bombers which led to the death of 2 persons.’

‘The second location is Muna Dagalti which was attacked by 1 suicide bomber killing 1 person. While the third location is Muna Bulaya attacked by 1 suicide bomber and was the only casuality.’ NEMA said.

A total of 5 suicide bombers all male adults were involved in the incidents killing 3 persons and 20 people were injured


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