COVID-19: Nigeria private jet operators ‘lose over $5bn’

Private Jets Nigeria, an aviation service provider, says it has suffered a loss of $5 billion due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Omotade Lepe, the Chief Operating Officer of the association, disclosed this during the Facebook live series with the theme: ”The Private Jets Sector Post- COVID-19″. The event was organised by the Luxury Reporter magazine.

Mr Lepe said the period has been most challenging for operators as they have suffered revenue loss, decline in flight orders and a fixed overhead cost.

”COVID-19 has dealt seriously with the aviation sector generally but for the private jet operators, we can say we have lost over five billion dollars while the pandemic ravaged the world,” he said.

The official said the association has put in place some measures to revamp its business post COVID-19 and to recover some of lost revenues.

He said that luxury businesses generally need to re-invent themselves because the market is becoming more competitive.

According to him, the association plans to go all out to attract business executives, corporate companies and more to recover some of the financial losses during COVID-19.

”The rich people never find private jet as a way of life, we are going to reach out to them post COVID-19, likewise lower our bar to meet with the upper-middle class, business executives, and corporate companies,” he said.

”The private jet business does not ordinarily warrant marketing but in view of the business outlook now, we will be reaching out to improve patronage.

”We are going to stop our previous attitude of ‘our customers know us’, we are now going by the slogan: “We are going to the customers.”

”We will be taking the private jet business to the people rather than wait for people to come,” Mr Lepe said.

Mr Lepe further said that in line with the requirements of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in combating the pandemic, the private jet operators would be ensuring strict adherence to the guidelines, in addition to some other safety rules.

He said that the association would be working on restoring passengers confidence by creating awareness and training most of the crew members on COVID-19 safety rules and preventive measures.

”I assure Nigerians that post COVID-19 when flight resumes, we will take the safety measures seriously.

”Anyone whose temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celcius will be declined flight, passengers will be made to come with non-medical face masks.

”Though, we will also make provision for whoever forgets to come with a face mask, the aircraft toilets will be disinfected constantly, the cabin crew will be made to wear protective clothes and gloves.

”The private jets give room for automatic social distancing as against the commercial flights.

”All these and more will be done to restore passengers’ confidence at post-COVID-19,” he said

Earlier, Funke Osae-Brown, editor-in-chief of The Luxury Reporter Magazine and convener of the series, said the essence of the meeting was to interact on the way forward for luxury industry at post-COVID-19. (NAN)


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