EXCLUSIVE: Deadly roads, spots that kill in Kaduna (1)

If you are in Kaduna, or driving through the capital city of Kaduna State in Northwest Nigeria, there are dangerous roads and spots you should be mindful of due to their bad history of taking lives and property destroyed in the past investigations by Development Post reveal.

Attempts have been made by various administrations to put the roads in good shape but poor maintenance culture remains serious challenge to make these roads motorable as they ought to be.

Some of these roads and spots were renovated early this year especially during the six weeks flight diversion from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja to Kaduna International Airport.

These roads and spots as at today, are in some parts worse than they were before the operation pothole free embarked upon by Kaduna State Public Work Agency (KAPWA) also within the year.

To start with, Nnamdi Azikiwe bypass for instance was well rehabilitated for the six weeks flight diversion to cushion the fatigue of air travelers to and from Abuja, the Nigeria capital city. But shortly after the operation, the road returned to its earlier deplorable condition.

In other instance, Goni-Gora enroute Abuja junction was also lucky to get that repair then but now bad and dangerous and motorists must be very careful while plying it.

Now, Abuja junction through Command junction to Sabon-Tasha was part of KAPWA listed roads for rehabilitation which the agency actually started. But the amazing thing is that, they cut some bad spots for repair. They covered some while some were left as death trap for unsuspecting motorists up till today despite several calls on this development.

Sabon-Tasha through Angwan Baro to Ibrahim Yakowa road is already taken over by flood because a part of the road has never been worked on. Romi, Karatudun is also a nightmare to the people living in this area.

Coming to Kaduna central, Raba road by Danladi, Malali GRA is another dangerous road that have destroyed a lot of vehicles and still destroying without attempt by concern agency to fix it.

Ghana road Malali is giving motorists serious headache due to poor drainage system especially when it rains. It should be looked into.

Kanta road by Command Guest House enroute Sokoto road is also bad to drive through especially early in the morning or at night.

Now, there are dangerous potholes at Stadium roundabout, Mando roundabout, Leventis roundabout among others.

The roads mentioned here may not be the only ones that require government’s urgent attention since most of tax payers in the state are the ones plying this roads, it is just natural for them to see how their hard earned money is being expended by their tax collectors in order to encourage them to always eager to wanting to pay their tax without confrontation.

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