Ginger farming can provide jobs, exist Nigeria from economic recession, expert says

With present attention been giving to production and marketing of ginger in Nigeria especially in Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria, more young people are possibly going to change their mindset about farming in this 21st century.

This is because the activities, which is hitherto seen as poor man’s business is already taking a new face as uptakers are demanding for fresh farm produce especially, ginger which Kaduna state is said to be largest producer of best specie across the globe.

Just recently, about 30,000 ginger farmers in the State have cried out to the state government to intervene in the seasonal loss of their produce due to poor pricing and insufficient modern farm inputs.

Now, the demand is in the rise because the produce which do well on loamy/sandy soil is used in production of medicine, beverages and even cooking hence the need for more people especially the unemployed to key into this live value-chain opportunity as there is available market for it now than before.

These may not be unconnected to government’s interest and involvement in the business in recent times.

As President, Kaduna State Macedonia Ginger Value Chain Farmers Association of Nigeria Nuhu Daudu noted that, with government political will and sincerity, increase in Southern Kaduna ginger production alone can take Nigeria out of recession.

He was speaking in the first Kaduna international investment summit on Ginger, organized by TAK Integrated Agricultural Solutions Limited in collaboration with Ginger Growers Association and Ginger Off takers Association held in Kaduna.

According to him, “Nigerian Ginger is an ocean of wealth and all we need to do is to put our hands together to ensuring that we get the very best out of ginger farming across the country. ” he said.

In his paper titled a brief overview of Ginger industry in Nigeria, themed ‘the development of Ginger value chain in Nigeria,’ a university don, Banakim Sambo said Southern Kaduna had come to be known as a traditional home of ginger production in Nigeria.

He said, ginger had for long been grown in Southern Kaduna for domestic purposes quickly added that, it is on record that its production in the axis vigorously started around 1927.

The university don who is from Faculty of Agriculture Federal university Wukari Taraba State explained that ginger had been growing domestically in small quantities, as a backyard crops and that the first shipment of the crop was in 1928/29 from Southern Kaduna at quantity of 5 metric tons.

“In 1966, Nigeria was known as the second largest world exporter of ginger after China, but thereafter, the exportation of ginger fell due to the Nigerian civil war,” said Sambo.

Collaborating the first speaker, Sambo also admitted that more than the civil war, the export trade of ginger was adduced to have declined due to the lack of attention given to the crop by the Nigerian government, as a result of surplus trade receipts from the oil boom.

While speaking, he called on government at all levels to be more proactive on the way to revamping the industry for the betterment of the country and its people.


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