Kannywood film Review – ‘Basaja Takon Gidan Yari’

Director: Falalu Dorayi
Starring: Adam Zango, Tahi I Tahir, Hadiza Gabon, Mustapha Naburaska
Genre: Thriller
Year: 2016
Duration: 110 minutes

Jabir (Adam Zango) and Zee (Hadiza Gabon) are set to slug it out in the film ‘Basaja Takun Gidan Yari’.

It has always been a game of who is a better smart player between them.

A typical thriller in its set-up, the film also has the added depths of Jabir’s network of smart guys, which the film director, Falalu Dorayi could not help but utilise aptly.

In the last two parts of the film ‘Basaja Takun Farko’ and ‘Takun Karshe’, Jabir was always one step ahead of Zee.

Zee was kept under suspense, prying and trying to discover reasons Jabir tricked himself into becoming a prisoner in the last part of the film, ‘Basaja Takun Karshe’ which unfortunately for Jabir, Zee was better prepared for the show this time around.

She was determined to ensure Jabir doesn’t get away with his crimes as he always do in the past.

You can feel her nifty and crafty thumbprints pressed on almost every scene she she appears trying to achieve her mission.

This movie will surely remind the viewer of the American blockbuster movie ‘Now You See Me’.

Things got worse for Jabir who planned to stay few days in prison, when Zee established a very good relationship with the prison Commandant, (Momo).

Momo, a mean and strict officer was not giving Jabir any chance at all to take.

The game only began when Jabir through his network of criminals who are also with him in the prison acquired a mobile phone and communicate with his crew outside the prison walls.

The arrival of his dangerous partner (Sardauna) from Saudi Arabia to assist Dauda (His master planner) in making him succeed in his mission and escape, will surely startle any movie lover.

Is Jabir going to make it this time around or would Zee perfect her plans and make sure he serves the 20-year jail sentence he is currently serving?

The only visible flaws is the simple use of graphic animation of blood spread on one of the armed robbers who attacked Sardauna and Dauda on their way to the record house.

A mere use of artificial blood could have served better instead of graphical animation which was not properly done.

A great movie and I will give it a 9/10 rating.

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