NBC inspects facilities in Kaduna ahead of digital switch over

As Nigeria gradually joining the rest of digital world by a way of switching over from analogue to digital broadcasting, efforts should be put in place to ensure the smooth running of the programme when fully commenced across the country.

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), says after inspection visit to Kaduna that the migration from analogue to digital broadcasting in Nigeria, represents one of the best choices the country has made in enhancing quality broadcasting in recent times.

Director-General of NBC, Malam Ishaq Modibbo Kawu, who was at the Pinnacle Communications Limited office in Kaduna to inspect facilities by the signal distributor ahead of the switch over in the Northwestern region of the country said though the switch over is an expensive process, but represents one of the best options in the sector.

‘This is because the digital switch over is part of the process for kick starting the national digital economy at a time the country is gradually moving out of recession.’

‘That will reduce cost for pay television most of which belong to other country and generate employment opportunities for teeming Nigerian youths who are hitherto idle.’

On his assessment of the facilities at Pinnacle, the NBC DG said, after going round that it is a top class transmission and monitoring system that would facilitate the switch over.

What is remaining according to him is getting the local channels into the system for the process to be completed.

“There are areas in Kaduna that we have to do signal assessment and then take a decision about how to fill the gaps. But the challenge and most important thing is that, we need to reach the people of Kaduna state.

“As a matter of fact you know Nigerians are very intrepid in business sense. A couple of weeks ago , we discovered that some people are bringing boxes from Abuja to Kaduna , in anticipation of the fact that we are coming to establish signal and we told these people that we will let them know when the boxes are going to be activated, but those buying the boxes discovered that there was no signal in the city and that gives us problem because we need to establish signal here before the boxes could be working,” he stated.

He then urged journalists to be part of agent of change in the transition to digital system, by helping to educate and inform Nigerians that the choice for a switch over is the right thing to do.

The NBC plans include to install the digital system in Gombe, Kwara, Osun, Enugu and Delta States in addition to the ones on ground.

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