Oh my Kaduna, By Ahmed Maiyaki

Oh my Kaduna

Home to one and many,

Peopled by many creeds & inclination,
The melting point of politics & leaders.

Alas, that seemlessly became a past.

So sad, a hotbed of hate it has become.

A few seeking power hit the war drums.

Instigating the poor against the poor.

While the few fratinise regardless of party lines.

The many hate each other with disturbing intolerance.

At the slightest provocation, Kaduna becomes a theatre of war, slaughtering each other’s throat.

Many had turned widows, orphans by these tragedy

I pray and hope, the many realises some day soon , and only then, the few will desist to divide and rule the many.

Oh power mongers, seek power, not the war drums.

In Kaduna, peace we seek, for development to thrive.

Oh my Kaduna, shame the few, protect the many.

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